Our group, formed by residents of the villages for the benefit of the Parish in the 1970’s, aims to provide a warm welcome to new neighbours and help promote and preserve the special community we live in.

Arouse Interest – Promote, encourage and, where necessary, take action for the improvement and protection of Warborough, Shillingford and the surrounding countryside.

Communicate – Disseminate parish planning applications via community email, and encourage individuals to comment to SODC.

Cooperate – Work with other organisations, both local and national, that have the same views as the society.

Encourage – Advocate for residents to express their views or concerns. Act accordingly, if appropriate or within the Society’s capability. Raise money from the membership to support agreed projects.

Archives – Keep and maintain records and archives. Make them accessible and available for reference to the general public.

Community Spirit – Organise a range of social events to suit all ages and interests. Enhance enjoyment of our community and environment.

Please visit our website and get in touch if you are interested in becoming a member: www.wandss.org.uk