New Greet Hall Caretaker & Booking Clerk Announced

The Parish Council is also pleased to announce effective immediately the Parish now has a new Greet Hall caretaker and booking clerk, Clare Lennon. The Parish Council would like to thank Clare on behalf of the whole parish for stepping forward to take on this vital role to allow the community to all benefit from one of its prime assets.
Regular bookings have of course continued since the retirement of the last incumbent but the Parish Council is now able to offer the hall for casual bookings again. The new Parish Council website (, which is also now live, has an online booking and payment system (under Community Assets > Village Halls). Please use that resource to request any bookings – you will also find a wealth of information on those webpages including Terms and Conditions of hire and an introductory video replacing the need to walk round the halls before deciding on hiring. If for some reason you can’t find your answer there, the clerk is available at though the inbox is not monitored daily.
Please remember the village hall, like many aspects of parish life, is operated on a voluntary and very much part-time basis. The Parish Council and the Greet Hall caretaker and booking clerk will always do their best to serve your needs, but please keep that in mind when dealing with bookings.


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